The Alpha Axis – A Self-Evaluation for Career Driven Women

Those of us in the professional realm are no stranger to assessment tools. There are a variety of evaluation tactics to help measure potential, leadership skills, interaction styles, personalities, and more. So why then, did I feel compelled to add to the list? 

It’s simple, the Alpha Axis is all about YOU. This self-evaluation tool helps you assess your skills and leadership qualities and then offers up clear action-items to help you advance in your career journey. 

The axis is based on two primary factors – an IQ score and an EQ score. The combination of technical and emotional aptitude scoring helps us to identify gaps not only in our skillset but in our emotional capacity. A strong leader has to be a mix of technically and emotionally qualified to lead a team effectively. 

In his book, “The Infinite Game,” Simon Sinek says “The ability to succeed is not what makes someone a leader. Exhibiting the qualities of leadership is what makes someone an effective leader. Qualities like honesty, integrity, courage, resiliency, perseverance, judgment and decisiveness,” – all factors of the EQ score.

How Does it work? 

The Rotenberg Axis consists of 4 quadrants, representing the phases of Alpha, the 5th and highest phase, Absolutely Alpha, is for our well-balanced Alpha Women who represent the best of all 4 quadrants. 

The guide contains a list of characteristics with assigned point values. Review the list and select up to 10 that you identify with, in your current career state. 

Tally up your points and determine your Alpha Score. You can read an overview of the phases of Alpha here

Once you have identified your Alpha, you can review the tips and goals to help you progress to the next phase. Becoming Absolutely Alpha is a career-long journey. Once you have arrived, it is then your turn to take those lessons, insights, and experiences to light the path for the women coming up behind you, and guide them on their own journey to becoming Absolutely Alpha.

Reflecting On The Results 

I had the opportunity to lead a discussion with a group of high-achieving women through the Morris County Chamber’s Women in Business Executive Round Table and their insights on the Rotenberg Axis were right on target. 

As suspected, many of them scored within the top three levels of Alpha (Professional, Hard-Driving, and Absolutely Alpha). Each of the women have established careers and they exemplify what it means to be an Alpha. 

When we jumped into discussing the score summary, some of them were surprised to have scored so highly when they didn’t consider themselves a ‘leader’ in the traditional sense. After digging a little deeper we found each of these women scored very high on the EQ scale, with an emphasis on empathy and vulnerability being a large focus – skills traditional leadership thinking often identifies as ‘weak.’  

The Alpha Axis at Work!

Alpha levels can vary greatly depending on your current circumstances and will change and evolve during your career. It would not be unusual for an Alpha to toggle between the various phases as she ascends, given career and life changes. 

The important thing is to continue the climb, and the tips and tools inside the Alpha Scoring Guide are designed to help you do that. 

How to Get it 

The Alpha Axis and Scoring Guide is available here. If you’ve already completed the Alpha Axis and you’re looking to push to the next level, be sure to reach out, I would love to connect!. 

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