Moving to a New Phase of Alpha? Time to Clean Out Your Closet

In a recent conversation with a New Jersey Women in Business group, we worked through the Alpha Scoring Guide and some of my tips for leveling up. One of the tips I shared was to clean out your closet. It sparked a conversation about how cleaning out your closet, literally and figuratively can be helpful as you progress through the various phases of Alpha, and your career. 

As we go through our lives and careers, our needs and wants change.  This is abundantly evident when we look in our closets.  There are often outfits from different points in our careers. It’s a good reality check to stand in our closets and see what we could or should part with.  The same goes for people, activities and events.  Sometimes we need to “clean them out” too!

Dressing the Part

It’s important to “dress the part”.  We all know that sinking feeling when we show up inappropriately dressed for any professional occasion.  It’s tough to put our best foot forward when our feet are in the wrong shoes!  

Job interviews are a prime example of dressing the part.  Be as professional as possible; it’s best to be overdressed or more conservative than necessary for an interview.  Remember – you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  

Similarly, put on a great outfit for your first day on the job. You’ll be meeting a lot of people for the first time, and the impression you leave will be long-lasting.

The same thing goes for big meetings or events. Put on your best suit, dress or other outfit for these big occasions.  It will make you feel more confident, and will clearly demonstrate that you belong in the big leagues with all the other players.  

Your Career Progressed, Your Wardrobe Should Too

As your career progresses, you can show a little more individuality, and you may be able to create your own style.  That’s why you may find things in your closet you’d never consider wearing now.  

While you keep it conservative, you can add your own “brand” or style to it, even after you’ve gotten that big promotion.  Think about adding a pop of color, or a scarf or headband.  As long as you feel confident in your own skin and your own clothes, your confidence will soar! 

Cleaning Out Your “Closet” 

Cleaning your closet out, both literally and figuratively, will allow you to look to the next level of achievement with pride and certainty.

Ask yourself,  “Should I stop this activity?  Should I start something new?  Should I continue going to these events or programs?”  

Make a list and decide for each thing whether they are serving you or holding you back.  Along the same lines, ask yourself what you need to start to get that next big promotion or opportunity. Then you can act accordingly.

Dressing for Success Doesn’t Have to be Expensive

There are all kinds of ways to update a wardrobe that are not expensive.  

Buy only one new item that will make your outfits pop, like a new scarf or blouse.

Wait for sales – it’s amazing what you can get if you shop around or look online.  I always liked to shop the sales at the big department stores where there are always a variety of styles and trends.  

Don’t go too trendy though – the worst thing is to buy something that is only in style for one season.  It’s best to go with the classics – a name brand jacket, a trench coat, navy blue suit, black pants, etc.  

Treat Yourself!

Always remember to reward yourself when you’ve done something great!  Save up for that great pair of heels, or a fun bracelet to remind yourself of your Alpha achievement.  If you don’t see clothes or jewelry as a reward, go to a show with a friend, or out for a nice dinner or drinks.  Celebrating makes it all worthwhile!!

You can do it, I know you can!! Pound On!!  And Have an Alpha Day!!

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